Over the Rainbow ~ March Pinterest Party


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Welcome to another recap of a 2022 Pinterest Party! 3 months in to the year and we've done a party every month so far. Hoping to get Utah on the schedule soon for a party and who knows where else this year? Keep reading to see what we ate and what we made.

This month's theme was Over the Rainbow which was one I thought up, trying to switch things up from previous themes of green / St. Patrick's Day.

Here's the board I made for ideas and inspiration.

Here's the food we ate!

Rainbow Frosted Donuts

I got a donut maker from the thrift store a year or two ago in hopes to use it for a Sweet Things Pinterest party but ended up using it for this party instead. Worked out perfectly. I think the donuts were a little too 'yeasty' but they looked cute and totally worked with the theme.

Fun candy kabobs! Inspiration here

I've seen these on Pinterest but never actually made them myself. One crafter brought these and I think she did a great job putting them together. 

Rainbow cheesecake cups!

Actual direct link here

Ahh! This one was one I thought would take a lot of work but really it wasn't too bad. They also turned out very delicious and seemed popular by all who had one.

Inspired by Easy Rainbow Snack Mix

Gotta love a good trail mix and this one had lots of flavors of cheerios, mini-colored marshmallows and Skittles. Glad I got some of the leftovers to snack on.

Yes! One crafter saved the day from all the sweet and brought cucumbers (inspiration here) sliced so cute - like 4 leaf clovers - with Ranch dressing to dip them in. Yesss.

Now on to the crafts!

I used my Cricut Air 2 to cut out HTV (heat transfer vinyl) glitter vinyl hearts.

Inspiration for this craft came from here

Then we used my EasyPress to iron the hearts on to the bags. The bags were purchased from Joann Fabrics and were buy 1 get 1 50% off.  The bags came in sets of 3. You could also order cloth bags from Amazon. Bags are handy here in California especially because we need to bring them with us to the grocery store. Cute bags for the win!

We made these cute rainbow tassel earrings with hoops and embroidery floss. 

Inspiration here

Last but not least, we made these cute rainbow keychains. I had a variety of yarn to choose from and they were pretty simple to put together.

What was your favorite craft that we made?

Have an idea for a theme? Leave me a comment and I will consider doing it. 

Thanks for reading!


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