April Pinterest Party 2022


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April's theme was Spring and Easter. The majority of people who voted on a date for the party voted for the 28th so of course, Easter was over but I planned a couple Easter'ish crafts anyways. Keep reading to see what we made and what we ate!

Pinterest board of ideas & inspiration

Let's start with the food....

This is the setup for spring rolls. Get it? Spring? Perfect fit for the Pinterest party theme!

We could make savory (veggies) and sweet (fruit) spring rolls. Here's how we did it ~

You start with spring roll wrappers. I did not link to the exact brand we used but I imagine they are all very similar.

Get a plate big enough (ours were almost big enough) to soak the wrappers until they become more pliable. You will be able to tell.

Pull the wrapper off the plate with the water and on to a fresh dry plate. Start putting your veggies (or fruits) inside. Packing it the more full, the better. These bell peppers were great with a little bit of added cheese. 

Tuck both sides in and roll and roll until all ingredients are tightly inside the wrapper. 
We had a dipping sauce of lemon juice and honey that was perfect for either a savory or sweet spring roll.

Here is a fruit one that I made. Adding the mint leaves inside made it extra delicious!

This Pink Pina Colada drink turned out fantastic!

This is a Caprese Avocado Salad and it was really tasty! A different flavor than I was expecting to taste but pretty awesome and simple enough to put together.

The other food for the night was build-your-own-charcuterie-boards and ahhh I have been wanting to do this for quite awhile! Decided to finally do it for this party even though attendance was very small.

Please note that the link to the boards on Amazon are not the same exact ones I used for the party. I got mine at Target, 2 for $5 in the Bullseye Playground area.

Here's one I put together beforehand so you can get an idea. I had a mix of savory and sweet options for crafters to put on their board. I put a piece of cherry themed (you can kind of see it) wax paper on the board first and then arranged snacks on top of that. Wrapped it up with plastic wrap so nothing shifted around and its good to go or don't wrap it up and eat right away.

Now on to the crafts!

I had 4 crafts set out and we ended up doing 2 of them. Because the party was very small this time, I didn't stick to such a rigid schedule as I usually do with 1-2 crafts happening first, then food, then the last craft. We started with spring rolls, then did 2 crafts and then put together our charcuterie boards.

We did spend a bit of time making our spring rolls and that was almost like a craft in itself so honestly I was fine that we only got to 2 crafts. 

The first craft was inspired (and also requested) from my attending Craftcation in Ventura a few weeks ago where a cool crafty lady named Tisa, taught us how to bling pens. I figured it was a good time to teach how to do it since I have no plans to do another Pinterest party in Ridgecrest for adults for awhile.

This craft was inspired from Hobby Lobby but more Easter themed. I did get a bunch of small Easter eggs to include but since Easter had passed, we ended up just using flowers. I used TintIt spray paint to get the little containers looking more exciting than just clear.

We stuffed the base with faux grass and the artifical flowers are from Michael's and Walmart. 

On the left was my inspiration from Hobby Lobby

On the right, was one I put together at home just to see how it would turn out

What we ended up making looked pretty different from the original but I still think they turned out darn cute!


So....that's a wrap! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates on upcoming Pinterest parties in the Facebook group.

May ~ Pinterest party will be in Utah

June ~ doing something in Ridgecrest but totally different than I've ever done before. Still keeping with the Pinterest party theme though

July ~ taking this month off. Its my birthday month, a busy month, I am playing with the idea of inviting a few friends over to do a craft in the she shed but nothing official and it won't be called a Pinterest party.


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