Pinterest Party Survey Results 2022

I recently put together and sent out a survey about Pinterest parties in hopes of getting some feedback on what's going well and what could be improved. I wanted to share the results with you because I figured people might be curious and I also wanted to write out some thoughts and ideas on the responses I received. I got 18 responses from the 64 crafters that are in the group. 

Here's a link to the survey in case you didn't get the chance to fill it out yet.

 Forms response chart. Question title: What is your city and state?. Number of responses: 18 responses.

What's been one of your favorite Pinterest parties you've attended (theme/s?) Some themes have revolved around holidays and others have been Cactus & Succulents, Garden Party,  Disney, Camping & S'mores, Favorite Things, Self Care....

Disney, Halloween and "all of them" were popular responses

What has been your favorite type of crafts to do at a Pinterest party?

Use-able things, decor for the home or season and holiday crafts were a main answer to this question

Forms response chart. Question title: What crafts or mediums do you feel like we use too much at a Pinterest party?. Number of responses: 9 responses.
The responses to this one confused me a bit. At first, just the bottom half had answers but then some responses came in that started to fill out the top. I kind of wish I knew who said what because honestly, I don't feel like we have used vinyl that much with crafts but maybe in some locations, people have felt like we do. I am working on a spreadsheet of the states I've done parties in and what crafts we did so I can make sure not to duplicate the craft mediums too much.  

I personally don't feel like we have done metal stamping for quite awhile. Last time I had that type of craft at a party was in Arizona in November 2021. Alcohol inks have been used at parties in UT and CA only, I am pretty sure. I don't think we have used them at a party in Idaho yet but I'd have to go back and check. I also don't recall using felt super often but overall this was good feedback to have. 

Forms response chart. Question title: Have you ever done any Pinterest party crafts that you felt were super lame?. Number of responses: 14 responses.

Thank goodness most people said no. I try to pick crafts that look really fun to do. The layered paper crafts have some pretty neat designs out there so it might be one I revisit in the future but probably not super soon. I am always open to ideas and suggestions for crafts as I have lots of supplies on hand and can figure out a way, usually, to gather enough for everyone to craft with.

What type of crafts are you not interested in doing at a Pinterest party?

The top responses for this one are crafts that don't pack up well, little decor items that turn into clutter,  little small fast things and gnomes. Aw, the gnomes. 

Forms response chart. Question title: Do you prefer to know the crafts ahead of time or do you like the element of surprise?. Number of responses: 17 responses.

I personally have a lot of feelings about this one but am going to try something different for a bit just to see if it makes a difference. My feelings on this are that ~

1. People won't come if they know the crafts and determine them to be lame/not worth their time to do. 
2. I struggle to get people to attend, even after all these years of doing parties, and I feel like knowing the crafts ahead of time is just going to hurt things.

Sometimes it is difficult to set the crafts in stone as other ideas come up but I will test out announcing them early on and adjust if needed.

Is there anything you dislike about Pinterest parties? Be honest. I am looking to make improvements and attract more crafters to come.

"It is stressful to come up with a food to bring."

My response to this is that I try to give a good variety on the Pinterest party board of food options to choose from and help give inspiration. Irregardless, please don't hesitate to reach out and contact me for a suggestion if you are not finding one that works for you.

"I craft slower than others"  / "too many crafts for the time limit" / "more time / I have to hurry"

While I do like everyone to stay together moving from table to table for the crafts, I'm totally fine if you want to take your time and keep working on a craft. I don't think I display this option very well though and that's something I could be better with.

"Crafts that have been done aren't appealing to me."

I am always open to new craft suggestions, I typically try to choose a variety of mediums and crafts that I do well and am comfortable with so that I am able to guide and assist.  That said I am certainly willing to learn a new craft that people are interested in so we can have more variety at the parties. Or, depending on where the party happens, I have friends I can possibly ask to teach a certain craft. That being said, if you have a craft you'd like to teach, let's chat!

"Reminder texts"

Keeping everything in the Facebook group is the easy and most economical way to account for group events, which in turn helps keeps the costs of the party to you lower. Turning on notifications for the group or setting reminders on your phone are also options.

"Not knowing what to do with the crafts afterwards"

This is something that crosses my mind but I always fall back into, I can gift this to someone or I can enjoy it for a time then trash it or donate it. I also think that just getting out and socializing and crafting is the important part, not so much as what is done with the craft afterwards. Also, learning a new crafty skill that you might not have known before. Saying that, I do realize that people's time is valuable and the fact that anyone is taking the time to come spend time at a Pinterest party only to not know what to do with the crafts they make afterwards, is something that shouldn't be an issue and I need to think about.