Getting Crafty with Cricut

Craft Lake City hosted an event recently with Cricut that my friend Aimee and I decided to attend. It took a bit to find the right location but once we arrived we were able to get our craft on. The project was making a recipe box and cards with the Cricut machine. 

Here is the Cricut in action, cutting the paper I had chosen for my recipe box

Nathan from Cricut working in Cricut Craft Room. He is probably adding owls to my recipe cards. Hehe

Here are some of the recipe cards on the left and on the right is a piece of the recipe box.

Here are the completed boxes! Mine is on the left and Aimee's is on the right. It was a little tricky at first to figure out how to fold them right to make a box but we had some good people helping us and it didnt take us too long to put together. All in all a really fun project and I cant wait to write some recipes on my cards.

What have you made on your Cricut machine lately or what would you make if you had one?


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