Crafty Family Time Part 2

My mom completely surprised me by contributing a craft for us to do. I should mention that is was my mom, Allison and I and my sister in law McKayla doing these projects. Sadly Laura stayed in Utah because she was not feeling well and Julianne stayed in WA to have Thanksgiving there. My other sister in law , Tara, she and my brother went to her parents house. Arkansas is a real long way from Idaho and her parents live closer to where they live.

We were decorating Christmas ornaments.  There were lots of things to put inside the clear ones.

I put snow, cranberries and popcorn in this one


I love how this one turned out with glitter inside.

I used a different kind of glitter inside this ornament

Cool one my mom made. I didnt attempt to make this one. Sorta ran out of time!


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