Family Crafty Time Part 3

Somehow I didnt get pictures of anyones bottles but my own.
I need to add something to the top area...tie something around the neck of the bottle and maybe add some bells, an owl, or something.

Using Cricut Craftroom. There are so many cool Christmas images it was hard to pick what we we wanted to cut out of vinyl. 

My sister Allison wanted me to cut out a bunch of vinyl for her so I let her use the new Cricut Basic Toolset to get her vinyl off my mat. She tried out the spatula tool which prevents curling and tearing.

and the tweezer tool with the reverse grip. They take a little getting used to but I like them!

You can order this tool set from Cricut or I have also seen it at Michael's. It comes with:

Cricut® Tools Scissors with protective blade cover 
Cricut® Tools Tweezers 
Cricut® Tools Scraper 
Cricut® Tools Spatula 
Cricut® Tools Weeder 
Four interchangeable end caps

What fun project have you used your Cricut for lately?


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