Craft Warehouse Round 2

When I was in Idaho last weekend I vowed to get to Craft Warehouse and Saturday night, we made it! Here are some pictures I took of the store and the cool treasures I found!

So much wood, cut and assembled, ready for projects!

I love the backdrop of lights behind the burlap

I love this display! Those 4 boxes on the shelf, you can make these! You can buy a whole book of the material with the different patterns and designs. Then you need this tool to make the boxes. I love that everything to make the project is available to buy right here in the display. If I saw just the book of material, or just the tool used to make these boxes, I would have no idea what to do.

Good prices and sales

Check out the cute Valentine stuff. Where in Utah do they sell the wood board with the 3 small hanging boards? I think what they made with it is adorable! 

And this! So badly I would love to make this, esp for the Pinterest party. I wonder if Craft Warehouse works with bloggers. Would have been so fun to make this at my party.

Tinting spray?! Like spray paint but for glass. I wanted to get all the colors and spray paint glass from the thrift store or something.  I guess this product is in Utah? I havent seen it yet. I just thought it was super cool.

Fun idea to do with the tint spray.

So we only spent around 30 minutes or so, maybe a bit longer, walking up and down many of the aisles, oohing and aahing over everything. I cant wait to go back again next time I am in Idaho. 

What is your favorite craft store where you live?


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