CHA Day 1

Day 1 at CHA turned out amazing and I got to meet some great people, connect with some awesome brands and participate in some fun make and takes. Take a look!

At the DCWV booth I made this awesome bag. So fun and easy with the stencil, paint and of course, glitter.

I couldn't get enough of the Spellbinders booth

Seriously..all the cactus and hot air balloons were just hitting home for me! 

Loved all the booth setups...

I also loved the Sizzix booth

In the afternoon sitting in the Krylon booth and a girl came and sat across from me at a small round table, the only table to sit and eat at. It was nice to rest my feet and catch up on my phone a bit. Eventually we both looked up from our phones and started talking. Her name was Rhonda and she was in town from Michigan. 

She was the nicest girl ever! We had a bit in common and she was easy to talk to. Not only that, she agreed to walk around the convention with me! We got to do the fun 3M paint booth and make splatter paintings. 

Rhonda and I both got tickets for a networking event that evening and it was so great to go with her since it was my first time going and I wasn't sure what to expect.

It was at a hotel not far from the convention center and the best time! I couldn't stop smiling and talking to the companies that were there. We got so much swag and there was lots of yummy food  - which I barely got to eat because I was too busy trying to make my way around to talk to everyone!

Rhonda and I parted ways, she went to a birthday celebration and I went to Chandler to have dinner with a friend. Such an awesome day!


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