What Is Create Club?

Are you on Snapchat? 

Do you love being creative whether is with fun paper, tools, food, sewing, stamps, wood, vinyl, beads, paint, etc? 

If so....then Create Club is made for you! Check out what it's all about...

Create Club is something my friend Rhonda came up with about a month ago now and was so kind to invite me to participate. She has various people that take over different days of the week to talk and share about what they are creating.

Right now, my day on the account is Tuesday and since I'm not much of a morning person, I get on a bit later in the day, usually early afternoon. So far I've talked about my Pinterest parties, Snap Conference and given some craft sale/craft store 'tours'. It's been really fun! I have a lot of ideas lined up for the upcoming weeks such as more Pinterest parties, she-shed progress, craft tools I have but may have never used such as my wood burning tool, tassel and pom pom maker and my Spellbinders machine. 

Lots of neat plans moving forward and it's been super cool to watch our numbers grow.  Who knew you could get analytics from Snapchat?!

Rhonda even got to take over for a day on the Soul Pancake Snapchat account! I guess they are a pretty big YouTube channel and I am not sure how I even started following them on Snapchat because I've never seen any of their videos but it's pretty interesting to follow along.

Anyways, scan the Snapcode below (or type Create Club in your search box on Snapchat) to join in on all the fun we are having with Create Club!

Weekly challenges, pin creation ideas, stickers, projects, ideas, music, quotes and more!


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