Cactus & Succulents Pinterest Party [Utah]

Many thanks to my friend Karina who attended and got some awesome pics to let me use on my blog!

I have been super excited about this theme for the party ever since I thought it up a couple months ago. Ahh! There were not many ideas on Pinterest at first but as I went back and kept checking, I found more and more things. Enough ideas that I am doing the same theme in California in June with completely different crafts. So here goes, this is what we ate and crafted!

Here we are set up with the food which was brought by a couple of the party attendees. More info on the food will be below.

Kristall (whose house we were at - thank you again Kristall!) made the awesome paper succulents you see above, all with her Cricut machine! It was so fun to see how they turned out - so perfect!

You can't see the side angle in this picture but we used a green glass base from the dollar tree with a styrofoam ball cut in half which got pushed down inside the base of the green glass. We lined the perimeter with small rocks glued on with hot glue and that twiggy brown stuff we glued down as well. Then! We got to pick our succulent(s) and used a pin or two to hold them down.

Cactus ring holders - how fun are these!? They all turned out having so much character. I wish I had gotten a picture of every single one but this will have to do.

This is the ring holder Hailey made and she had the time to paint hers too - love the colors she picked plus she etched her name in to the base. Smart!

Karina brought the awesome pretzel cactus rods

Laura made the fruit pizzas but Smith's didn't have the cookie dough she needed?! So she had to buy the cookies but they were so soft and yummy. Then she made the standard frosting (powdered sugar, lime juice & vanilla, cream cheese) which was great, however, if you use whipped cream cheese instead of regular, the mixture will be a bit more runny than usual. Just FYI :) 

Laura also made the cheesy meatball cups which were very good!

I made these paint dipped cactus favors for the party and they were fairly easy and fun to put together. Thanks to Target for having the exact color of Hershey Kisses I needed - on sale too!

Thank you again to all who were able to attend and I'm looking forward to the party coming up later in June in California.

Here's the link to the board with ideas that we worked off of (and yes, some of these projects will be at the California party)


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