Create Club Featuring Cricut!

I've been in Camarillo, CA this week while Tony has a job on site in Point Mugu. We got an airbnb instead of a hotel because it was a better deal and its in a nice community of homes. The guy we are renting a room from is hardly home it seems so it almost feels like our own place.

On Tuesdays (usually) I post on the Snapchat Create Club account. So this past Tuesday I made a cool project that will be swag for an upcoming Pinterest party!

Vinyl is my go-to for pretty much everything I make with my Cricut, however! It can cut soo much more than that! Washi tape! Post it notes! Thin wood! Foil! Leather! Cardstock! Fabric! Just to name a few.

Since I have 2 Cricut machines I use my Explore when I travel and keep my Air2 set up at home for projects. I feel naked when I travel without my Cricut! For reals...even ask my husband...

So...look at how cute these turned out! I was pretty proud of myself to figure out slicing and got the hole in the top of the cactus. I cut out thin leather in a shade of dark green metallic from Cricut. I am going to put these into earring hooks and everyone who comes to the party will get a pair. Who knows..maybe I'll cut a few more and give them to friends who attended the cactus and succulent theme Pinterest party in Utah. Yea?


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