August Utah Pinterest Party!

Thank you Winco for the fruit snacks and gummy worms (things I think of while camping, ha!) and Hobby Lobby for the leaf dishes as well as the paper plates

I anticipate these parties so much so when the day of comes, I'm so ready! Ready for it to happen, maybe not always prepared with what I need. Hosting Pinterest parties away from home is challenging but I enjoy getting my Utah friends together for a night of food and crafts!

First off,  I have to say that this is my best Pinterest party for attendance maybe ever - in the history of doing Pinterest parties! We had TEN people (including myself) there participating. That is pretty incredible and I was really happy that so many people could make it even though some were last minute RSVP's. 

Jennifer and her 2 awesome girls brought these super cute cupcakes!

The theme for this party was camping and s'mores but funny that there were not really any s'mores desserts this time. Lots of camping crafts and food though!

Okay! Here are the crafts we made...

I spray painted pinecones that I had collected from my sister's place earlier in the week. We used hot glue to arrange them in various size picture frames. Inspiration found here

Rhonda and Jessica are outside to spray paint their own pinecones and their frames

Here is how one turned out, these were pinecones I actually collected with a friend and my nephews a few weeks ago up at Alta Ski Resort.

We made stenciled dish towels and cloth bags and man, these turned out way cute...

It was fun to see how these turned out the same but different. I wish I had gotten to make one but we will do this at the CA Pinterest party too so I will get a chance there. It's funny, this is the first Pinterest party I actually didn't do any crafts myself!

I got these wood square tiles from Craft Warehouse and vinyl scraps from the South Towne Mall. I used my Cricut Design Space program to create the cut out that made this...

I just free-handed this with fonts available in Design Space and the fire graphic and cut them out in different colors of vinyl so everyone could have their own look.

Crafters learning how to weed vinyl. I love it!

And of course there was yummy food! Besides the cupcakes (featured up above) we had...

Inspired here

My sister made sugar cookies and I got chocolate frosting, candy rocks and pretzel sticks from Winco and then she had mini M&M's that we used for multi-colored flames in the campfire pit.

The candies were Swedish Fish, sour gummy worms and fruit snacks (thank you bulk food section at Winco) and popcorn. The drink! was soo super good!  Loved it and it fit perfectly with the theme because the name of the drink was called lake water.

Last but not least, skillet nachos and the cheesy Dorito chips were used to give it more flavor. Then browned beef crumbled on top along with cheese that melted. Real tasty!

The other things we learned how to do that people brought:

  • Take a package of spaghetti and a can of sauce in a freezer Ziploc bag. Cook the spaghetti at home and store it in the bag. When you get to your campsite, you can put the bag in a pot of boiling water and have hot spaghetti for lunch or dinner.
  • Take a toilet paper roll tube and cut it in half. Stuff the inside with some dryer lint. Wrap the outside with a strip of those colorful ads you get in the mail and tuck the ends in. Now you have a firestarter!
  • Buy a package of those clear plastic hair caps like for when you dye your hair. Put one roll (10 in a roll) in a Ziploc bag and label it for dirty shoes. Now if your footwear gets muddy or wet while you are camping, you can slip it in to a haircap (1 per or 2 in 1) and seal it in the Ziploc so it doesnt get anything around it wet or dirty.

I can't wait for the next Pinterest party and I am super grateful for all who came to this party. I hope everyone had a great time!


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