Eat Dessert First Party at Snap!

The best Snap opening party I've ever been to! This was my 3rd year attending Snap conference which is a blog conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. I got recruited by my friend Rhonda to help our friend Christie set up the party, work at it during and take everything down at the end. I'm so glad I said yes because it ended up being quite a fun experience. Keep reading for all the details!

Christie, owner of Ritzy Parties and I. She's one of the most talented party planning people I know and in charge of this event. I knew from the beginning it was going to be pretty amazing and I was not disappointed.

The theme was Dessert First and each station set up in the ballroom had various sweet making and decorating going on from candy lips to a fun photobooth to woodburning wooden spoons to making the cutest cupcake headbands and candy kabobs and cupcake decorating!

I arranged these pinwheels in the foam as one of my tasks. 

Helped set up the cupcake headband station and Rhonda creeped a picture of me


Everything looks so fancy and neat!

I got to take home one of these cake stands after the party was over. SO glad I drove!

Tonight was all about...SUGAR.

Candy kabob decorating station being set up

Had a bite to eat with Elena and Rhonda in the hotel restaurant. Elena and I shared a sandwich and my roll was so soft and buttery. The best!

Cupcake decorating station

Little foods to snack on that were not sugary

This wig was craziness to wear until later in the evening when I was able to get it fixed a bit by a friend. At least I had a better time seeing instead of always pushing the bangs out of my eyes. That wig needs some styling!

Me and my fun roomies got a pic together at the photo booth.
If you don't know them, here are links to their social media so you can follow them - 
they are all so talented!

A cupcake and a cookie I decorated. Yum! Love the sprinkle combos!

I got a chance to roam the room after the party was in full swing/towards the end.
Glad I could make a candy kabob at the Evite booth!

Some of the really fun decorated aprons that were made. 

I heard a lot of great comments from people about the party and I'm so glad because it was a night well spent!


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