Snap Conference Friday!


One thing I love about Snap conference (among many things) is the food. I guess the menu has stayed roughly the same the past 3 years I've come but it is tasty and delicious so no complaints there. I do notice after my 3rd year attending that things have gone downhill a bit which I am so sad to say, but I see a turnaround happening for next year!

Breakfast burrito, fruit, oj

We started Friday morning out in the main room area for our breakfast and opening keynote speaker.

Which happened to be Stewart Edge. This is my 3rd or 4th time hearing him speak and he keeps it about the same each time. Gives his back story, shows a video or two of his and does some magic. I wasn't super entertained though or inspired which was kind of a bummer but it was slightly interesting anyways. 

We all got a rose at the end of his performance.

Secret sister gift pick up.
I was hoping to be awed by my secret sister this year because last year was okay but not great. I feel like when I do this that the people who have my name don't take the time to get to know me and kind of throw something together last minute.

The wrapping really was pretty. I had a hunch who I thought it might be. 
Will it be who I think it was?

Every conference goes better with some snacks...these were things I put in the survey when I said what my favorite snacks were so that was good at least.

 It's always so nice to stay in the Little America hotel because when my bag got too heavy during the day, I was able to take it upstairs and unload a bit. I also had some of the best roomies and I feel so honored that they wanted me to room with them. I tagged them in a post on my other blog but will be featuring a picture with them in my next post for the 80's themed party.

Back downstairs and time for classes. I took...

Beyond Yoast - Advanced SEO Tactics Every Blogger Should Try in 2018

How to Make Bank with Affiliate Marketing

The Business of Creative Influencer - Legal Tips & Tricks


Information overload! Lots of notes and lots to implement which I love.

Break for a yummy salad lunch which was way too much food and I'm sad just thinking about all that got thrown away (our rooms didn't have fridges).

 Some of the brands/sponsors at Snap!

I work with Plaid Crafts and love using their paints, stencils, wood burning tool and more. Tons of fun craft options for projects. 

Sherwin Williams was also there and gifted us each (who stopped by their booth) with a card that lets us get a free gallon of paint. This came in super handy last year when I was painting the she-shed!

Reconnected with the girls at and am signed up with them to bring you all some great deals on products so stay tuned for more of that!


Rustoleum is a great brand to work with and I love seeing their booth each year I've been at Snap.

I'd never heard of Jeffrey Court but it was fun to meet them at Snap annnddd..I was one of their $100 Visa gift card winners!

Dinner! And I didn't get a great picture but on my plate, to the right - butterballs! The main reason everyone comes to Snap. Haha...kidding.

The big announcement that people (possibly?) suspected was coming. After 9 years of running Snap conference, Tauni sold the conference to one of my favorite people - Kim aka A Girl & A Glue Gun and her friend, Sugar Bee Crafts

I'm anxious and excited to see what will happen next year. 
Will the dates change? Location? Price? Format? Swag? Sponsors?

 It will be interesting to see what happens and I am looking forward to providing some feedback. 


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