Craft, Snacks, Birthday Bash

I wanted to do something fun with friends for my birthday this month and what better way to celebrate than to do a paint night? It's not something I am very good at and I thought this one would be easy'ish but it's been tricky for me to get my waves looking right!

Sadly I did not get a close up of the food but I had all my favorites... angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream, sour gummy worms, cinnamon bears, colored marshmallows, Tony made bean dip to eat with tortilla chips, cheese Ruffles potato chips, green much yum. And! My friend Wendy brought mini Drumstick ice cream cones. Super cute! There was also a Polar Pizza (mint-chocolate-chip) from Baskin Robbins but that was in the freezer when this picture was taken.

Learned how to cast my phone to the Tv and it worked fairly well, except for when it didn't. 

At the table up front was Denise and Wendy
Next table was Stacy and Amy
My table was me and Maggi (not pictured)

Have my snacks and am ready to start!

Everyone's turned out different yet similar. They were all so unique. We mixed Mod Podge with sand that Wendy was able to bring, to paint on the bottom of the canvas and then shells were stuck in to the sticky sand. I did not finish mine yet because Maggi had to leave early but I think we will finish on Sunday evening.

Not happy with my waves yet but I will work on them some more.

Special thanks to Plaid Paints who sent all the paints and brushes, so much gratitude to my friends who were able to come. Thank you for not canceling on my last minute and for putting up with the fussiness of the video stream. Thank you for coming to eat yummy food and having fun conversation *and* for the awesome presents!! That was a fun surprise! I know "Birthday Bash" insinuates presents but I really just wanted to get people together who I admire/look up to/ am friends with, for a fun evening out doing something we probably don't all normally do.


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