Patriotic Tassel Banner

I've had the fabric to make this tassel banner for quite awhile actually but have never gotten around to doing it. Then, a Pinterest party happened and this craft fit perfectly so I got to cutting the strips of each color. Keep reading to see how I did it all...


Gather some twig sticks. Straight or slightly curved will work fine.
I cut my fabric roughly 48" long but you can do shorter , or longer! If you'd like.

Lay the strip of fabric on your stick, pull the tails of the fabric through the loop at the top so it goes around the stick and adjust so it hangs straight.

Here it is looking one direction on the left, and the other direction on the right.

Start doing a pattern and keep going until you reach close to the end of the stick.

Once you reach the end, you are done and you'll have a really cool looking banner.
Be sure to push the material close together at the top if that's the look you are going for. 
That's what I did with mine and it looks thick and full.

Have fun!


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