Mixed Media Expo - Day 2

Mixed Media Expo Day 2! Got word this is the last time this expo will be in SLC so that is a bummer! So we thoroughly enjoyed our last day and tried to do and see a lot which wasn't hard because there was not a ton of vendors there to talk to.

I'm loving these little jewels and sequins from The Robin's Nest. Will be ordering some fun product for an upcoming Pinterest party. It's going to be awesome and she has great prices too. 

I am in LOVE with these magnetic boards and think they'd be so fun to make for a Pinterest party or just with a friend or two.

I got to see these Esprix markers in January at Creativation and I did post about them in my Day 1 of the Mixed Media Expo. On day 2, my friend David did some really cool artwork for the ladies at the booth to transfer to a bag. Turned out awesome!

I made this card - fun make and take from Lawn Fawn.

New light boxes for the holidays!

 Took a break to go to Pulp for lunch which was just a hop skip and jump away from the expo center. I tried avocado toast for the first time (I'm a fan!) and got some honey-lavender lemonade to drink.

Watched Ken Oliver demo his ink pads and fun inks. Really pretty cool and you can bet I ordered some!

More pretties. Gosh. My crafting mind went crazy with ideas and thinking about future Pinterest parties. So glad I got to attend the show! At the end I was going a little crazy at the Peterson Arn booth and scanning items that I wanted between them and the Sizzix booth (they work together) and the lady working with us said she would not submit the order until we had left the building. I thought I was done, went down the aisle and turned the corner and saw a booth with a bunch of stuff I'd forgotten to order. Haha! So I went running back and everyone was laughing. Good times.


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