July Utah Pinterest Party!

July was a cactus and succulents themed Pinterest party and my friend Melissa hosted it at her place. So grateful! People really pulled through with some great food and I provided the crafts except one that Jessica so kindly brought for us to do. Check it out!

First, the food.

Alice brought this awesome cake! She made the succulents from fondant. The cake was chocolate with pudding in it. So delicious! The rocks are white chocolate covered craisins. 

Susan brought green veggies - love balancing out the sweet with something savory.

Sandra made these cactus rice krispie treats. She does them right with lots of marshmallow!

These chocolate dipped pretzel rods sprinkled with coconut are one of my favorite treats.

Create Donut Co provided little gelato cups of all flavors. It was fun trying them and a great addition to the party! If you have never been to this sweet place before, they are in Sandy in the Quarry Bend Shopping area. More info on their website, here. One of my favorite custom dessert places in Utah!

Chips and salsa is always a win.

You can see on my plate tiny green cactus'? Sandra made those as well with a mold from Michaels. The green stuff is jello jigglers. Super tiny and cute - so fun to eat!

Now, the crafts!

We made these fun felt keychains with felt I cut out on the Cricut Maker (thank you Nessa!) I got the keychains from Hobby Lobby and the embroidery floss from DMC. Inspiration here.

Jessica made these succulent planter holders that we could decorate.

They turned out so good!

Again, used the Cricut Maker to cut magnet sheets from Michael's to make these cute glittery fridge magnets. Once we figured out what the thickness was, the Maker did a super great job cutting out all the details. We used glitter from Michael's on the sticky side of the magnets. 

Such a great party, who knew we could come up with more cactus and succulent foods and crafts. I'll be doing this theme in California in August with different crafts. Can't wait!


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