California Halloween Pinterest Party 2018

We had a fantastic time at the Halloween Pinterest party in California a few nights ago! Keep reading to see what we ate and made.

The drink pictured on the table was simply orange juice and sparkling water. There were a lot of Halloween inspired drinks out there but I needed something I hadn't done before, that did not contain alcohol and did not involve sherbet (not sure it would have dispensed correctly in my new mason jar dispenser).  So that's what I ended up doing for the drink and it tasted really very good!

I also had candy corn marshmallows which were fun to try, regular candy corn as well as a chocolate mint candy corn to try. Wendy brought sour patch kids and lollipops. I put out orange carrot slices to balance out all the sweet. 

Tony (mostly) and I made these layered jello cups. Can you tell I like candy corn? Haha! Apricot flavor which was yellow on the box actually turned out to be orange in color! I had to get some yellow jello (lemon) at the store and then we did Cool Whip on the top. 

See the candy corn treats on the left...
My friend Amy brought these yummy muffins to share
Christy brought some chocolate chip pumpkin bread 
which sadly I did not get a good shot of but it was super delicious, trust me.

 So fitting for the table of food.

On to the crafts!

Inspired by a craft that Craft Warehouse how this turned out! Christy made this set in the photo above. I'm going to do a separate blog post about how we made these. Tony did a lot of work to get these ready for the day of the party.

Here is the set Wendy made with scrapbook paper, Mod Podge and gold glitter Mod Podge as a final coat. So pretty!

Supplies and Amy showing off her completed bag. Turned out awesome!

Blank canvas material from JoAnn's and Walmart, stencils from JoAnn's and fabric paint from Plaid Crafts! Everyone's bag turned out so cool looking!

Pumpkin squishies! They turned out so cute once again. And also, once again I am unable to make mine in to a round pumpkin shape so tall and skinny, those are mine on the left. This craft is pretty fun so we did it in Utah as well as in California.

Hope you enjoyed what we made! Which craft was your favorite?


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