New EZ Twist Paint Stick from HomeRight

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Our house was pretty much move in ready, which I am super grateful for. There were not a lot of projects that needed to be done or things we felt like we wanted to change. About a year of living in the house and the time had come to tweak a few things so we redid the shelves and rods in our bedroom closet to have 2 levels for clothes instead of just one. The walls inside the closet definitely needed to be painted but I figured the clothes would hide most everything and just didn't want to deal with it.

Fast forward to the point I really wanted to get it painted, the stripe was ugly and we had gotten some paint matched at the store but didn't realize we needed the gloss element so it matched, but didn't. The gallon of paint has been sitting on our paint shelf until this past week.

Perfect timing for the Refresh Your Walls contest that HomeRight is hosting right now!

Crazy how much can get stuffed in to a closet! I wish this was a walk in closet but that would be way more space to paint so I guess I'm grateful we just have this smaller size closet for now.

Prepping is one of my least favorite parts of any job but it wasn't so bad to wipe the walls down when I used the HomeRight Steam Machine with the brush head attachment, covered with a white terry cloth. In no time I was ready to start painting over the ugly!

There is a black attachment that comes with the EZ-Twist and it attaches to the side of your paint can. There is an opening on the EZ-Twist that lets you set it on top of the black attachment and this is how you suction the paint out of your gallon and into the EZ-Twist tube.

Pull up on the handle and watch the tube suck up the paint. Then, you're ready to start whatever project it is you are ready for.

The walls in this closet are really coarse and rough so we painted 2-3 times just to cover up the previous color(s).

This turned in to an all day and then some project because there were a bunch of nail holes and a couple other bigger holes to patch so another trip to the store to get Spackle and overnight to dry for good measure.

Needed to paint the shelves as well so here goes!

Twist the handle at the top to get the paint down and through the roller.

I thought it was a great way to stay less messy while painting, rather than dipping the roller brush in the paint tray every few minutes.  What do you think? 

Now, time for the clean up of the EZ-Twist. We disassembled everything and Tony rinsed it out in the sink and with the hose. He thought it was quite the process and a waste of paint from what was stuck in the silver metal tube.

It would have been a lot easier if we had first watched the video down below first on how to clean our EZ-Twist. I linked it so you can get an idea of what the cleaning process is like.

This is the best video ever on how to clean the EZ-Twist, its a must watch and will save you a lot of paint and time!

If this is something you think you would like to use on your next paint project, you can buy it at:

**The EZ-Twist Paint Stick was sent to me by HomeRight and all opinions are my own.**


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