Expo Trim Booth Setup for Creativation

My friend Christie posted on Facebook asking for anyone who would be able to help set up the Expo Trims booth she'd be working at for Creativation. A way to earn a few dollars and work with one of the coolest people I know? Sign me up!

I love the colors and her vision of how she wanted the booth to look.

My friends Marie, Helen and I worked to get a balloon banner up, a tulle skirt pinned to the table and banners hung alongside the booth display.

I added tassels to this table banner and made the black and white plaid ribbon in to bows.

Everyone worked hard. We met up around 12:30 and left at 5:30.

Is it straight? Is it even? Lots of eyeballing and measuring too.

I think it turned out wonderful looking. So many fun decorations to see!


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