Arizona Blogger Meetup

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On my way in to Phoenix for a meetup at the Arizona Center. This is my 3rd year attending and its always so fun!

This place is pretty cool, lots of little restaurants and shops downtown by part of ASU campus.

Thought I was getting a tamale with meat inside but nope! It just had a big green pepper. Disappointing but I made the best of it. The rice was good.

Plaid Crafts sponsored this event. Cricut has sponsored the past 2 years. Two ladies I know, Angie Holden and Carolina Moore put this together for everyone to come to who are bloggers. It was quite a big group! I met up there with Helen who came from Ridgecrest also. I saw a few other familiar faces but mostly I didn't know anyone.

I love this glitter paint by Plaid. It looks a lot better with a solid color painted underneath it. I love that the glitter doesn't flake off anywhere and is not messy.


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