Utah Valentine Themed Pinterest Party!

I've been really excited about hosting a Pinterest party in Utah - the first of the year! and even more exciting? My sister said yes to hosting it at her new place. Woot!

 First, the food! Starting with the sweet...

Jessica brought these Red Velvet Cookie Sandwiches So pretty and very sweet and delicious!

Laura and I made heart shaped brownie waffles in my waffle maker which turned out a bit too crunchy but when you add whipped cream and sprinkles on the top, it softens out a bit and is quite yummy.

Alice brought these really yummy brownies (recipe is fairly close, we couldn't find the original one) with frosting. Oh gosh, I am wishing I had eaten another one! They were very very good!

We also had the savory...

Heart shaped pasta salad with cut up tomatoes, carrots, celery, onions, parmesan cheese and Italian dressing

Fruit nachos brought by Kim! She noted:

I added brownie crumbles, didn’t do the caramel, only did apples and no pears, added about 2 tbsp butter to the chocolate (dark chocolate), used frozen mixed berries instead of strawberries, and added kiwi pieces. 🙂

Set up for the party! I ended up putting most of the crafts on one table and we just went through them one at a time. I cleaned up as we went along.

Made these really fun clay hearts! These turned out so cool and sparkly with the glitter.
Actual recipe for how to make the dough is found here

We made Valentine conversation stones! Inspiration here

Printed the sheet out, colored them with markers and cut them into circles

Used Mod Podge to adhere the papers to the bottom of the stones

Tied them up in a cute little bag and you are done!

We also used floor samples to attach these vinyl mason jars and hearts. Then ribbon from various craft stores to add some flair and/or a bow. Tutorial coming soon - if anyone is interested?

We had metal stamping as a craft and my friend Suzie made this 
for a necklace for her daughter Lily.

A couple other people made metal stamping jewelry as well but 
I didn't' get any pictures sadly.

Thanks a ton to those who took the time to come despite the snow and sketchy roads! I know some came from far and some were just a few miles away. I appreciate you all! Can't wait to see you next time & also those that didn't make it.


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