California Cactus & Succulents Pinterest Party!

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Ahh this party turned out so stinkin cute! The food! The crafts! It's always fun to sit back and relax when it's over but when I am caught up in the moment, I have a blast. Keep reading to see what we ate and what we made craft-wise.

The Pinterest board we used for ideas and inspiration

What we ate:

Peggy brought these little mini muffins decorated on top with frosting in the shape of cactus and succulents. "Don't eat the flowers!" She used raspberries for some of the toppings as well and chocolate caramel sticks.

Then, how clever is this - brussel sprouts in hummus look like barrel cactus'. Love it!

Peggy also brought a cactus salsa she made along with tortilla chips. Wow. So much awesomeness.

LaWanna brought yummy Herbed Cucumber Bites

Pork and cactus crockpot stew brought by Joanna. Best flavor - loved this one!

Tony and I made cactus hummus dip. Sigh. I wish I had gotten a solo picture of the jars themselves. But click the picture to enlarge it and you'll see what it ended up looking like. We ended up using a few different kinds of hummus, regular, black bean and roasted veggie. We got green tortillas and I had a cactus cookie cutter to make the cactus shape. Greek yogurt (switched it up by doing lime flavor) on top of the hummus. Yum!

We also had Cactus Juice as you can see in the very first picture in the post.

 The crafts we made!

This was actually a kit I ordered wholesale through a friend. Once we all figured out the directions, it was fairly smooth sailing. I think they turned out super cute! All made with felt, some embroidery floss and fluffy stuffing on the inside.

Then we made a collaboration of the last 2 crafts which were Sculpey air drying clay succulents and small cactus chipboard cutouts made on my Cricut Maker machine. We painted them with paint from Plaid Crafts and attached the clay succulents to them.

Can be turned in to earrings, a necklace, hang from a window - whatever you want. They turned out really pretty, especially adding various kinds of Plaid Crafts paint.

Inspiration for clay succulents here

Stay tuned for October's Pinterest party!


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