October California Pinterest Party

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So this month's theme for California was Halloween and Fall. Keep reading to see what we ate and what we made!

Before we start - here's a picture of what I put together for people to walk through to get into the she shed. I think it turned out pretty cool looking despite it being one of the windiest days ever! and some of the streamers broke but I managed to fix them and it stayed together for the evening. Phew!

What we ate!

Tony came up with these Oreo Truffle Eyeballs.

Link to recipe here and then he went ahead and used white chocolate to coat the outside and dyed some of it green with food coloring. Did some gummy eyes and candy eyes. I think they turned out pretty cool looking.

Gotta love sugar cookies with the thick frosting. Yum!

This party was definitely heavy on the sweets instead of the savory.

Mini pies with Peeps ghosts in chocolate pudding and candy corn. Inspiration here.

Black Light lemonade. It glowed so nicely!
It's actually just tonic water and Country Time lemonade! And of course, my black light flashlight since bulbs are super expensive in this town ($17?!) or not in stock.

On to the crafts!

Got these fun pumpkin sets from Wood Connection in Utah. We used paint from Plaid Crafts to decorate them. I loved how original everyone got!

I spy Jack...and some Glitterific paint!

Busy hands painting away.

We had one rogue candy corn from another time (also from Wood Connection) that Wendy grabbed. 
I love the face!

We usually don't allow kids (mainly little kids is what is too hard to have come) but one girl came and she is super talented and painted all these!

Using that chunky glitter for the win!

This craft was inspiration from Wood Connection as well. It was so expensive to get all the wood pieces I needed for people to make this. Then I thought about using my Cricut to cut the ghosts. But it got down to crunch time so I used a thick cardboard cake platter and vinyl from scraps at a vinyl store in Utah to get the ghosts and words made. Then people took a Sharpie to put on faces.

Here are some different variations.

Lastly, a few people made Halloween gnomes. This was a bit tricky to figure out at first because there were just a bunch of videos which I didn't have time to watch (I was up in Utah for a week, then home for less than 24 hours and left again for a family funeral. Got home late Wednesday and the voted date for the Pinterest party was...Thursday.) But Wendy took it upon herself (after I asked, heh) to figure out how to make the gnomes. Again, it's so cool to see how different they turned out. Love that 4 of us made some. Can't wait to make some more!

Which craft that we made was your favorite?

Stay tuned for the crafts we do in November which will be Christmas themed!


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