November California Christmas Pinterest Party

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I have been really excited about this Pinterest party theme for some reason. Christmas. I usually do nothing Christmas until after Thanksgiving but for some reason this year I feel like if I wait, I get to enjoy all my decorations less. That's one part. I mean, I store them in the she shed in tubs for 11 months out of the year - that's quite awhile!  Maybe I just want to soak in the holiday spirit a little longer this year. It's hard to ignore when every single store I walk in to has holiday items on shelves and they are playing holiday music. What's a girl to do?! So, I present to you the Christmas Pinterest party that I hosted last night here in Ridgecrest, CA.

Made this fun walkthrough of white and colored lights for people to pass underneath on their way into the Pinterest Party.

The foods we ate...

Colored chocolate dipped pretzels. Inspiration here

Candies from Dollar Tree in the J O Y dish.

A bit rich but SO good. I got mini marshmallows and whipped cream in a can to put on top. Huge thanks to my neighbor Peggy for letting me borrow her crockpot because Tony was cooking dinner in ours. Hehe.

(I may have shed a tear when the last piece was gone from my late)

Tipsy cheese trees. Lol at the tipsy, they were just leaning a bit. 
4 different kinds of cheese and a meat trunk and gluten-free crackers.
Tasty and great for balancing out the sweets.

Notice the baklava - I didn't get a good picture of that before people started digging in.

Everyone got a hot cup from Starbucks for their hot chocolate which was so fun!

The crafts we made...

LaWanna taught everyone how to glitter the inside of glass ball ornaments - 
She brought lots of options for glitter and some people mixed the glitter and others just did one straight color.  I think everyone got to make 2. Such a fun and easy craft to do and everyone's turned out so so great looking!

We made fun snow globe shakers. Inspiration here.
I've been collecting items for the insides at various craft stores
The containers came from the Dollar Tree after realizing even my smaller Mason jars were too big for the figurines.


I really wanted to just get Christmas colors to make these felt ball wreaths but by the time I got on the ball to order them, they would not arrive on time from either Facebook Marketplace, Etsy or eBay unless I paid crazy amounts on shipping. Nope! So I got a bag of mixed colors and everyone was able to create their own theme for their wreaths. 

Wreaths made with felt balls and they turned in to cute ornaments.

Stay tuned to see if we do a Chrismtas 2.0 party in December! I'm going to post a poll shortly in the West Coast Pinterest Party Facebook group to gauge interest.

What was your favorite craft we made or food we ate?


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