St. Patrick's Day + Green Pinterest Party!

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February Pinterest party - themed St. Patrick's Day and green! Keep reading to see what crafts we made and what food we ate.

Here's the link for the Pinterest board I made for the party.

Set up for this craft that my friend Peggy brought. It's not on Pinterest but it will be shortly! It only cost $2/person as every piece we needed came from the Dollar Tree. Huge thanks to Peggy for coming up with this craft and getting the supplies for everyone!

Next up - frames, glue and various shades of green cardstock cut in to shapes of 4 leaf clovers which I made using my Cricut Maker.

Lay them out in to an ombre effect. I love how creative everyone got.

On to the next craft!

Thanks to Foundations Decor for having a great sale on these St. Patrick's Day pieces. I picked up some banners and some clovers and we went to town!

These were all blank pieces of wood that everyone painted with paints from Plaid Crafts and decorated to their liking.

To get your own pieces to decorate from Foundations Decor
use code STACIESPLACE for 10% off your purchase.

The food we ate:

This recipe is a deviled eggs with avocado. 
It was mostly a Dr Seuss green eggs and ham recipe.

Sadly, without stopping at every grocery store we saw, we went to a couple and were not able to find the green punch we needed so Tony got this pink/red one. We also swapped out Sprite for 7Up.

Yummy dip with Pretzel Crisps! 

Thank you to everyone who came and participated! Loved seeing you and hanging out.
Stay tuned for the March Pinterest party which is Spring themed!


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