First Ever Idaho Pinterest Party 2021!


Tony & I took a trip up to Idaho for a few weeks to help his mom out during the busier part of tax season. Since we were there for quite awhile, I thought about doing a Pinterest party since I had never done one there and I have wanted to expand the locations I do parties as much as is reasonable. I had a few people offer to let me use their homes which was super nice! I ended up doing this party at Tony's parents house this time. Keep reading to see what we made and what we ate!

PS ~ and maybe you are noticing that this party is happening in real life! YES! You are right. It did happen live and I am soo stoked about that. Virtual parties are okay but to be honest, I love doing in person so much more.

The food we ate:

Such a great snack and easy to make. This was so yummy.


Carrot Patch Cupcakes    

*With a cream cheese frosting instead of the chocolate frosting*



I didn't get a picture of the cake before people cut in to it but the recipe I used is here however I swapped out the mint for strawberry instead. It was really very tasty! I imagine you could also do a raspberry, banana, whatever other flavors of extract you might find that tastes good with a layer of fudge, would work.


Beautiful flower cookies with lemon meringue 

A yummy peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream (ice cream not pictured)

This is a boxed pasta salad mix but we added tomatoes, cheese, ham and green peppers. A light and filling salad for summer or any time of year really. It also was a nice balance to the sweet treats at the party.



The crafts we made:

I ordered these simple wood rainbows from The Wood Connection in Salt Lake and while I don't have many still pictures of how people painted theirs, I did take a video clip but it's been tricky to attach here. But believe me, everyone's turned out so unique and different. I was very impressed!

I used my Cricut Joy to cut a bunch of permanent vinyl images related to spring to put on tiles from Lowe's. We made magnets and I thought everyone did a fine job especially because it was almost everyone's first time using alcohol inks. 


Inspiration here

I like to not have repeat crafts but occasionally it happens. These were spring gnomes we made (I did this craft previously in CA but with a Halloween theme). I got all the supplies from Craft Warehouse and Hobby Lobby. Huge thanks to my sister in law Trishna for bringing some ribbon that we could use.

All 3 of the finished products. Super cute and so fun for spring!

Which craft or food was your favorite?

What theme would you like to see featured in the upcoming months?


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