Sweet Things Pinterest Party!


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It feels like quite a while since I last did a Pinterest party! Probably because this one wasn't until the end of May pretty much but that's the date that was voted on so here we are :) The theme for this party was Sweet Things. A BRAND NEW THEME. I've been so stoked for this party because I had been saving items for swag and decorating for quite a while in hopes of finding the perfect month to do this theme in. It was definitely not a party I wanted to do virtually. Keep reading to see what we made and what we ate!

Hard to get a good photo of this but I love using this light-up writing board in my she shed to announce the foods and crafts at each Pinterest party.

Party prepping and practice! 

I ended up doing 4 crafts this time, partly because I had forgotten I'd purchased those wooden Hershey kisses from The Wood Connection! So that was like a bonus craft.

Set up and ready for people to come!

But first...

What we ate:

I made 2 ingredient fudge, inspiration here, and used these fun sprinkles from The Bakers Party Shop that I got from a blogging friend (Fern & Maple !) at a blogging event once.

Rainbow cream cheese bagels, inspired here

Another look at the finished fudge ~ Unicorn Fudge

S'mores Oreos and Strawberry Donut Oreos. Oh my!

Candies from Winco and donut candy corn that I found somewhere along the way

This fun drink! Inspired here ~ Unicorn Lemonade

I dipped the edges of the cups in Cool Whip instead of using corn syrup. Then I had a plate of sprinkles I swirled the rims of the cups in and placed them in the fridge. It added an extra fun touch to the lemonade with colorful ice cubes. 


These rainbow grapes were a hit! I could totally see myself making these in the future.

Caramel topped marshmallows! Simple treat and a great combination. 

Some lime tortilla chips and guac to balance out all the sweetness

My plate! So much goodness.

Some swag bags for guests and other fun giveaways!

I used my Cricut Joy machine to make these cupcake earring holder cards for some sweet earrings.

The Crafts we made ~

Animal cookies inspired magnets (or ornaments)  Pinterest link here

Waffle necklaces / rings / magnets and a fun waffle topping ring made by Wendy!

I experimented with this stuff and the next day it was time to make this craft! A little tricky but soo fun to try a new medium and make something cool. These are faux drink toppers made from Dap spackle. I kept one set of bags white and made another set pink with food coloring. You can also use paint to tint. Making these came with a bit of a learning curve but I think they turned out pretty cute.

I might end up doing a separate blog post about this craft but not sure yet. There were some fails for sure...would anyone like some tips / tricks?

Fun wood again from The Wood Connection. These are Hershey Kisses. I think I like getting projects from here a little too much but these were stashed away in the bag of supplies I'd been collecting for this party theme. So to switch things up a bit, we used Unicorn Spit (mostly) to get some fun colors going on here. This wood stain is kind of expensive but what good are these craft supplies doing if I am the only one enjoying them? 


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