Spring Pinterest Party - Utah!


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Alright crafty friends! This is my first Pinterest party in Utah for the year and I was really excited to be able to host one up there again. I kept the theme spring-themed because I had found a lot of cool crafts that worked. Keep reading to see what we made and what we ate!

Here's the Pinterest board where I pinned a few ideas for food and crafts.

My sister Laura was so kind to host the Pinterest party at her house again when plans to host it in Utah County for a change, fell through.  Totally my fault because I had 2 dates I could go to Utah and I ended up choosing the one the day before I needed to leave so it didn't give other people much time to plan.

This craft was to ModPodge napkins on to these fun wood cutouts that I bought last year at Dollar Tree. Paint is from Plaid Crafts. Napkins are from all over. Lighters were from a yard sale (you can probably see the sticker still on the green one). 

The technique we used is found here

Everyone's turned out great, one crafter even painted her wood edges and I thought that looked really nice. Everyone had fun burning the edges of the napkin to tidy up the look.

This craft was to embroider a small design in a little hoop. I did this craft at a conference called Craftcation that I attended in Ventura, CA and loved it so much I wanted to do my own version of it. I brought all my floss, needles and the hoops I got from Amazon. We used the Cricut fabric marker pen to draw our design on to white fabric and then started stitching!

Also, inspiration here.

I love my double sided embroidery floss box. I didn't get this exact one on Amazon but here's a link in case you want to get one similar to me.


Some of these are in the process of being stitched.

The Cricut washable fabric pen was cool because once you had stitched your design, you could wash the fabric and the blue lines would go away!

Before and after! 

This crafter did take it home to finish and I am blown away by how cool it turned out.

The final craft of the night! Clear Tube Seed Bead Bracelets turned wrist-let! This one took some figure out but basically I bought bendable tubing at Home Depot and we cut that to the size of our wrist or a little bigger. We filled the inside with seed beads and glued it shut to form a bracelet. 

Next was to add cool accessories! 
I got everyone's first letter of their name, pom pom puffs and Bath & Body Works mini hand sanitizers as well as some charms and tassels. 

Another fun one I saw to make is this one but I was unable to find the right size of wooden bangles needed in the store. But save that pin if you want to make that one yourself in the future!

Not everyone finished their key-chain because we ran out of time at the end unfortunately but here are how a couple of the key-chain wrist-lets turned out!

Now... on to the food!

For the food at this Pinterest party, I wanted to switch things up a bit and have everyone bring something savory and something sweet for charcuterie boards! Ahh! It was so much fun to see what people brought. Sweets like freeze dried candy, cookies, marshmallows, popcorn and chocolate covered pretzels to savory pretzels, dried fruit, fresh fruit, nuts, cheese, bread, dips and more.

The setup before too many people came...

So mouth-watering!

My plate! Got a little bit of both savory and sweet on here. Regretting not getting bigger plates. 

So super delicious!

Stay tuned for another Pinterest party and interesting posts coming up soon!


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