June Pinterest Party - Utah!

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I hosted a Pinterest party at my friend Melissa's house, in Utah, when I was there visiting for a few weeks, in town for different events. I thought, why not throw a Pinterest party as well! So I did. Huge thanks to the 2 that came, we sure missed those who were not able to make it. Keep reading to see what we made and what we ate.

I've not been out to Eagle Mountain in quite a long time so I wasn't familiar with the traffic and since I am never on time to anything, you better believe I was late to my own Pinterest party.

Luckily everyone was very understanding.
 Instead of starting at 6:30 pm, we started a bit after 7.

First up - the food! This was a perfect treat to add to the charcuterie trays. We did red, white and blue colors to go with the patriotic theme.

Melissa made this treat (above) and said, "
This is the link to the recipe that I got the white popcorn from. I just re-wrote it a little to make it easier for me to understand for how I make it. And I usually leave out the extra candy."

We had this delicious chocolate covered corn puff popcorn, red white and blue Oreos, blueberry Wallaby's licorice, regular popcorn (Skinnypop) for white as well as Parmesan Goldfish crackers and lime cookies from Trader Joe's and for red we had cinnamon bears and red hot candies.

Magical red white and blue (the white sunk to the bottom but they were still so tasty) drinks

Now, on to the crafts!

I am running with people's suggestions on only providing 2 medium-sizse crafts instead of 3 crafts so this was my first time doing it this way. It felt so weird! But we had plenty of time to get our craft on and we even went quite late into the night. 

First up was this craft using Gallery Glass from Plaid Crafts on Ikea lanterns.  We popped the glass out and decorated it with leading or liquid leading and then filled in the spaces with red, white and blue colors. So much fun and I think they turned out pretty awesome looking. 

Some lessons learned here, press the liquid leading strips down hard so that the Gallery Glass doesn't sneak underneath. as you can see in the above pictures that that is what happened.

I had a request to do a resin craft. Now, I confess that I am not great with using resin. The best resin I can work with is where you mix parts A and B and it cures in 24 hours. But we didn't have that kind of time! So we tried the Fast Cast resin. Which, I'll say, I brought a little bit with me but felt like I needed more just in case. My 3 main craft stores did not have any in stock! I ended up finding it at Dick Blick in downtown SLC. Phew! They saved the day. 

I ordered these molds from Amazon to make patriotic key-chains. The star mold was one I had previously. We ran into a problem where the resin was a bit sticky. Or it bubbled up badly. A bit experimental along the way but in the end, I think Melissa's turned out the best (see pictures above) even though they were a tad bit sticky out of the mold. You have to be so quick with Fast Cast resin once it's ready to pour as it start's the hardening process asap once it's stirred enough and ready.

Overall, it was a great hands-on experience with trying Fast Cast again (I tend to avoid it) and now I have more in my stash that I can work on using in the future.

That's it for the 2 crafts! Small party, smaller amount of crafts, but I think everyone had a good experience overall. The next Pinterest party will be in Idaho in August. I took the month of July off since we are gone 3 weeks out of the month and this heat of Ridgecrest is sucking my energy away! 

Stay tuned for a fresh Pinterest party post next month.


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