Scarecrow Head Fall Decor Tutorial

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A friend of mine in Ridgecrest sent me a photo of a craft she wanted to make. With no instructions, we figured it out. Take a look at how we made this cute craft!

I am not the best at tutorials so forgive me if I don't have the right amount of pictures but hopefully it's enough so you get the idea of how to make this craft.

Head supplies needed:

Foam Dice from Dollar Tree

Plaid Crafts paint and a variety of paintbrush sizes


Small-medium size flower for the hat

Burlap and/or burlap bags

Crow supplies needed: 

Black felt or cardboard

Black paint or black Sharpie

Colored pens or paint

Let's Start!

1. Paint the foam dice white on all sides except 2. The side you choose for the top doesn't matter because it will be covered by raffia "hair" and a hat. The bottom side won't be seen either but feel free to paint the top and bottom if you desire.

2. Sketch out the face. You can look on Google for ideas or just see what comes out when you draw with your pencil. Then go over it with paint and a thin paintbrush.

Attach the hair -

I just kind of eyeballed this so that my scarecrow could have some "hair" sticking out from under the hat. Hot glue this bundle down when you are happy with it. 

Next, you need hair to cover the right and left sides. Do the same, eyeball how much you want, and trim accordingly. I hot-glued most of the hair on the right and left sides down so it wasn't sticking straight out.

Next up - the hat!

You can use burlap or these little bags also worked well. I was unable to find this exact size on Amazon but if you find something pretty close, it should work just fine. This could be a good option.

We cut a slit along the bottom of the bag so we could stuff it with some Poly-fil cotton.

Here are details on how much burlap we used:

wah-bam! This was the trickiest part for me. If you are a sewer, you'd probably be able to figure this part out without too much trouble. The top of the bag that cinches, has the raffia "hair" sticking out of the top. You can tie and/or hot glue it into place.

For the bottom brim, my friend took some clear thread and made it bunchy for a nice look on both ends of the burlap.

I only did the clear thread down one length of the burlap and then hot-glued the other long length for a different look.

Add the flower where you'd like on the brim of the hat.

As for the crow, I got a scrap piece of cardboard and for one of them, I used Sharpie and pens. For the other crow, I used paint.

My friend used hot glue to attach the hat to the raffia "hair" and I used tiny pins. Whatever you prefer will work.

Let me know if this post was helpful or if I can do anything to make it more clear. Thank you for reading!


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