The Latest at Craft Warehouse

Ahh it was so nice to be back here again! I've been telling my coworkers all about how awesome this store is and when the time to go to Idaho got close, I got really antsy to go here because I love it so much - its my #1 favorite craft store.

Walking in and to the right there was this awesome display set up, so pretty with lights and birds and birdhouses

It was a lot to take in

Ideas for a wedding reception

Their lights are so awesome

I love all the wood cut outs

Many colors of towels with ideas of what you can make

I love love the crayon art!

The tiny easels and canvas! I may or may not have gotten some for the next 
Pinterest party...

Not too big and not too small, letters to decorate

These cone ideas were cool and I loved the travel stuff , especially because they had some teardrop camper paper and

Minc machine on sale for only $99. I kinda want one...

I love these clear paint style containers in all different sizes

I was suddenly inspired to buy a wood burning kit. How cute is this?!

Ahh I had one of these when I was a kid, a regular size one. I remember using it a lot! I was tempted to get this one..maybe next time. 

Giant ampersand on my way out the door. 



So much fun even though Tony rushed me a little bit. Hehe.

What's your favorite craft store?


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