Summer Pinterest Party!

This Pinterest party was a summer theme - leaving the options for craft and food pretty open for people tho get creative and dig deep through their Pinterest boards to find the perfect craft and or recipe to share with everyone. 

Always must have the Pinterest banner, new this time I finally remembered to use my Heidi Swapp lightbox even though it didnt show up that well in the picture.


Hot glue guns, glue sticks, felt, velcro, washi tape and thread

Always have to have some goodies in a bag! I wish so much I could have spent more time of these. Notice the clips - they have smile faces!

Everyone showed up around 6:30 and we started crafting!

Kristall brought all these soda cans and we made...

Utensil holders for using outside, or inside if you want. You could also put craft items in the cans. Such a fun and clever idea that was easy to put together.

Joey was creative with her cans and covered them with washi tape!

We also made mini pallets with popsicle sticks, some hot glue and paint!

Then we made these awesome holders for our sunglasses out of felt and some velcro. 

They turned out super cute!


Let's talk about the food!

S'mores dip made by Maria

Lime cupcakes with rainbow chip frosting made by Laura

Cinnamon rolls in orange halves brought by Alice!

Amazing s'mores bars!

The aftermath...

I really do appreciate each and every person who has ever come out to support these Pinterest parties that I have hosted the last few years. There have definitely been frustrating times trying to get the word out and a lot of work and effort goes in to making a really neat party only to have one or two people show up. As time went on I started to have people be consistent in coming and bring a friend or two as well. Overall it was always satisfying to accomplish these parties a few times a year and it was a great reason to get friends together + make new friends too!

That being said...I'll post this on our Facebook group but if anyone would like to take over the group and host parties since I am moving out of state soon, let me know and we can talk! If nobody wants to take over then I may merge the group in to a California Pinterest parties group and people in Utah can choose to stay or leave. I'll have to think on that. 


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