AirMoji with MojiLife Deal!

I was at the Utah State Fair a couple weeks ago and saw a booth talking about MojiLife. After asking probably 100 questions, I decided to sign up as a distributor but mainly because I just love love the AirMoji

Why do I love it so much?

You had me at "Bluetooth capability"

The other perks are great to me as well and I don't even have kids. But I have a husband who has bumped my wax warmer in the laundry room and I have red wax up and down my wall to try and clean up. Such a bummer.  I love being able to charge my AirMoji when necessary. I love that there's an app I can sync to schedule when I want the scent to work.

Click the image to make it bigger but I received Summertime Serenade (which is what I smelled at the fair and fell in love with!) and also Oregon Coast. I have not tried that one yet but can't wait to!

Here are the new scents for fall. 
I think I'd like to try Harvest Moon and Autumn Elegance. 

This is the kit I got (see above).

So here's the deal. If you order any of the kits before October 1st, you get 20% back on your order! In comes in the form of a check. So I got roughly $17 back (the lady who signed me up had my check sent to her because I wasn't sure I'd still be in Utah or what my new address will actually be) so I need to meet up with her still to get that. It's a great perk for ordering by the end of the month!

These are the other kits available. 

So let me know if you have any questions! If you live in Utah or we have a way to meet up, I have a majority of the scents as samples that you can smell and see which ones you'd like. Click the graphic below to go to the website and check it out some more. Thanks for taking a look!


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