Final Day of Snap Saturday

Last and final day of Snap Conference and man, it felt like the whole conference went by pretty quick! Let's check out the schedule of what happened Saturday...

Danielle Liss, a business lawyer, was the opening speaker for Saturday morning.

Sat in a class from Jordan Page who is always entertaining.

Took a roundtable class with a girl from Tombow which was about How to Work with Brands on Instagram by Creating Custom Content. It was interesting but not really something I could see myself doing to be honest. Ah well.

Visited the Canon booth and had fun there entering their contest and checking out their display...

Got my second and final gift from my secret sister. 
Turns out my gifter was not who I thought it was (who I thought was her)
I was fooled!  It was actually another girl, I think it was her first time at Snap. 
I wonder if they will bring back secret sisters next year?

Lunch was Cafe Rio style and it tasted so super good. 

Rhonda is mega talented and also veryyyy good at Snapchat. For reals. Check her out!

Then there's me....haha.

But even better is me with Lindsay Gilbert! I admire her so much, she does tons of cool stuff on her blog! Take a look...

Before the closing keynote speak, Aimee and I headed across the street to the Grand America for some gelato and macaroons. Totally unplanned on my part to get anything but it just looked so darn good I couldn't resist. 

 Dr. Matt Townsend was the closing keynote speaker and I thought he did a fantastic job. Somehow, so sad, I lost all the notes I took from what he said! Agh! Terrible. So terrible! It was a treat to hear him speak and he's quite funny as well.

Loved being able to hang out with Laura and Christie plus meet and work alongside Elena!

Overall Snap was a great time to be able to connect and reconnect with friends and brands. I took some pretty great classes that were helpful to my blogging and came to realize something that caused a mini-crisis inside of me but for now, I have put those thoughts and feelings on the back burner. They will have to be addressed sooner than later probably but for now, there is too much other stuff to focus on and do and the moment. I am disappointed that the details of Snap seemed to go downhill quite a bit this year. It was so good a couple years ago, last year was so-so and this year, I could definitely tell a difference and felt like things were off. For example, it was quite a bummer to not even see the main stage decorated. Just plain black curtains and nothing more besides a podium. When people pay a lot to go to a conference I would expect things to be top notch. Maybe that is just me. I am excited to see what changes happen next year. Will it stay in Utah? Will it move cities? Will the price go up? Sponsors change? Attendees increase or decrease? What new things will be added? I'm anxious to know!


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