Snap Conf 80's Party!

Even though we were all tired we got dressed up, some more than others..for an 80's theme prom night which was the second party at Snap that happened Friday night! Here are me, my roomie Amber, Hilary, non roomie Ashlee , non roomie Jennifer and roomie Amberly with our cute 80's themed headbands!

My friend Aimee and I being silly for the camera

Aimee is one of my Utah blogger friends, loves animals, trying new flavors of Oreos and is all around a super kind and thoughtful person person!

A pile of rubbery bracelets and a plate full of treats

So 80's I guess!

Had to steal these screenshots from my friend Fern & Maple <- love her and her blog! She is so creative! Also in the second pic is my friend Rhonda from Michigan - super stoked she got to be at Snap this year!

Other than a photo booth and DJ and treats there was not a whole lot going on so I sat and watched people dance for awhile with my friend Nessa and then later on towards the end of the night I got on the dance floor with my roomies and tried to let loose which was not easy for me to do but is always slightly more fun despite my terrible dancing. 


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