August Pinterest Party - Cactus & Succulents

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Hello and welcome to another Pinterest party post! This Pinterest party I'd been anticipating and was feeling excited for all month because of the theme and it's also been a bit since I last hosted a Pinterest party in California. It's still a struggle to get people to attend and I wish I knew how to solve that problem. I mean, it's free to come! You get to make cute stuff! All I ask is that people bring a food and I provide some as well, + crafts. I don't think it really gets easier than that. I'm still thinking about changing my strategy in the future. Anyways..keep reading to see what we made and ate!

Pinterest party prepping!

Three people came to the party but only a couple overlapped. 

Annette brought a delicious salad which I will get pinned once she gives me the recipe.

We also had lime sherbert cactus ice cream cones. Inspiration here.

Wendy brought a fruit bowl and green goodness drink from Bolthouse Farms.

We made cactus squishies, inspiration here. Annette got creative with hers and painted 
black spikes to glue on.

I got one layer on my cactus and left it at that for now.

Maggi did the one on the right and painted the cutest face. Turned out nice! I think each one has some great personality to it. 

I ordered thimbles from Amazon and got pasta noodles at Kmart that was closing and we used gold rocks I already had on hand to make these cactus fridge magnets. Inspired here.

Okay, this yarn cactus really didn't turn out like the picture but it was fun to try.

 We used this fun pom pom maker I got at Creativation earlier this year.

All in all it was a good time and we made some fun crafts.

Stay tuned for a September Pinterest party - we will be doing Halloween crafts!


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