New Pinterest Party Idea!

So! Here's what is going on and what's been on my mind lately. Something in addition to or instead of a regular Pinterest party month. You've heard of beer crawls, club crawls, taco crawls, pajama crawls, etc. Right? Or maybe you haven't. That's okay. Basically its like a progressive event. I've never really done any of those I mentioned because I don't drink or they have not been in a location I have access to easily. That being said..what do you guys (who are interested in my Pinterest parties) think about doing a CRAFT CRAWL ?!

Oh my goodness. I think it would be super fun.

In Salt Lake'd have to be a few homes close together since..traffic.
In Ridgecrest...not a big deal since it only takes 10 minutes really to get across town. Haha.

One type of crawl I saw recently on Instagram was going to 10 shops, getting a punch on your card proving you had gone there and then maybe doing something like shopping or having refreshments at each location. This would take a lot of planning but I think I could pull it off with some help. Easier to do it with shops if it was in Utah since Ridgecrest only has one craft store in town.

There are a couple ways this event could be done. I went to a progressive dinner once in Woodland, CA where I grew up and you started with a appetizer at the first house with your group, then a main course at the next house and dessert at the third house. I don't remember if we stayed in the same group or switched it up. There were fun discussion topics at each house and overall it took an hour and a half or so to eat and drive around town. The houses were not too far apart from each other.

Since I have never done an actual crawl, I imagine it runs about the same way as a progressive dinner event? 

How this works also depends how many people want to participate.  If it's a small group, we could all rotate houses together. If there was more like 20 people, we could have 4 groups of 5 that rotate houses together. Make sense? 

I'm thinking about needing a few people (3 or 4 max) who could host the crawl/progressive at their house. We'd start out at my place for example and do a craft and have some light refreshments/ appetizers. By the way, there would be a theme. So, like a Pinterest party, but spread out among a few locations.  At the next house, the person there would have another craft and some other snacks. Should it be snacks the whole time? Probably that would be easiest..maybe savory snacks at one, sweet snacks at another and so on and so forth?

Food. Usually all the food is brought to one spot. In this instance, either the house would have to provide a small snack(s) and a drink or people would have to drop off their food beforehand. Could get tricky if we do it the latter way.

Crafts. I'd bring all supplies to each location and instruct the host how to do the craft.

So now, my questions are:

  • Would you be able to have people come to your place to do a craft?
  • Is this something you'd participate in in Utah or California?
  • Should we keep the event small (10 max) so we can all move together or try to get more people involved (20 max probably)
  • Have you thought of something I haven't mentioned yet? Ideas/suggestions/constructive criticism appreciated!


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