Craft Storage Review - Homest vs. Cricut

Homest Cricut Bag vs. Cricut Brand Bag

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I got a bag from Homest to review and I was given a Cricut bag from a friend in Utah which is what I've been using the past year or so to travel with my Cricut Explore.  Let's do some comparing between the two bags!

Here is the view from the top. The Homest bag has thick velcro straps that help secure your machine inside. Some padding around the machine but sits kind of loose inside.  I wish it had a bit more padding but I do love that the straps secure it in place.

The Cricut bag has foam on the bottom, sides and top of the inside of the case. My Cricut Explore machine seen here fits in pretty snug.

The Homest bag has velcro that holds the carry handles together
The Cricut bag has snaps that holds the leather carry handles together

Both bags have a spot for handles on a suitcase to slide up and attach on. Or to sit on top of another carry bag. I know the gray Cricut carry case has a rolling wheel tote with extending handle and this case can sit on top of that.

Here is a closer look...

Homest bag has 2 front zipper pockets for supplies
The Cricut bag has a pocket on each side of the carry case to stash supplies.

I'm love loving the extra storage space the Homest bag has on top of the machine. A separate zippered area that can hold vinyl, pens or other supplies.


Overall, I think both bags are great - depending on what you are using them for. If you have the Cricut rolling bag to carry your supplies in and you have that kind of room in your car to bring both carry cases, then go for it. I'd don't always have that kind of room so it's helpful to have some space to put supplies in the Homest bag when I travel with my Cricut. 

Which bag do you think you'd prefer?


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