Thanksgiving Craft - Gallery Glass!

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I needed to test out this craft before the next Pinterest party so no better time to do it than on Thanksgiving, crafts with my mom, sister and sister in laws. This was such a fun project to do! Big thanks to Plaid Crafts for fulfilling my product request so quickly.

We started with a sheet of Plexiglass from Home Depot, cut into rectangles. 

Next we took strips of instant lead and made our designs. It was interesting to see what everyone came up with.

Next we put dots of liquid lead where all the strips of lead came together. You are supposed to let it dry but we didn't really have time for that so we moved on with adding color next!

Fill in each area of the space with various colors and go up to the height of the strips.
We didn't have a problem with it spilling over the edges.

Next - let it dry!
We let ours dry overnight and they were pretty well dry by the next evening.

So many different designs. I love the colors that had glitter in them!

For the Pinterest party we will have a hole punched through the Plexiglas so that they can be hung.


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