California Valentine Themed Pinterest Party!

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I couldn't wait to host the first Pinterest party of 2020 here in Ridgecrest, CA out in my beloved she shed. The theme was Valentine's and in past years I've struggled to find good crafts that aren't too kid'ish but this year, there were so many good ideas I had trouble narrowing it down! Keep reading to see what we made and what we ate.

The crafts we made...

I'm not great at taking "in progress" pictures but we had cardboard hearts that I spray painted rose gold and lots of colors of puzzle pieces I had spray painted. As you can see, I used a variety of spray paint from ColorShot to Rustoleum. 

Everyone's turned out so unique! Love that Peggy made hers in to a lock looking one. This craft was actually pretty fun to do, I enjoyed prepping the puzzle pieces and it took a little longer to put together than I thought it would. I used 1000 piece puzzle (thanks to my friend Marie) and still have a lot of pieces left over. 5 people and I am guesstimating we used half or a bit less of all the puzzle pieces.

Next, we had these wooden Love signs from none other than, the Dollar Tree! I'd been seeing them pop up on Facebook and Instagram and luckily the first Dollar Tree I went to in Arizona had enough for my party. Phew! It's nice not to have to make multiple stops to track down a needed item.

Everyone made it unique and in their own way.

Huge thanks to Plaid Crafts for supplying many of the paints and paintbrushes.

The finished look!

Another craft I didn't take before pictures of but we made these little Valentine envelope earrings. I got the faux leather from Hobby Lobby but you can also find it on Amazon. I used my Cricut Maker to cut the leather. Sticky jewel hearts were from Dollar Tree and the earring pieces were from JoAnn Fabrics and Hobby Lobby. Info on how to make the earrings is linked here.

The food we ate...

Peggy brought this fun flame, "Baby light my fire" dip and veggie mix

Kristi brought this cherry bread which was not overly sweet & the frosting was a nice touch.

We just used our heart shaped waffle maker to make some little waffles, then drizzled chocolate over the top with some Valentine sprinkles. Pretty simple and easy to do!

Christina brought funfetti cupcakes with cute heart and Eiffel tower toppers.

The drink pink mocktail was pretty delicious!

Found the fun straws at Office Max in Arizona - Damask Love just came out with these and they were perfect for the party. Wish I'd gotten a picture of everyone and their straw lips!

And..that's a wrap! Stay tuned for a recap of a Self Care/ Self Love theme Pinterest party happening in Utah on February 6th and dates to be voted on for a Pinterest party in California (St Patricks / Green theme!) happening towards the end of March. If you live in Utah or southern California, you can join the Facebook group here.


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Looks like so much fun!

Brandon, Christina, Ariadne said...

I had a blast- thanks so much for hosting! ♥️

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