Utah Self Care Self Love Pinterest Party


My sister Laura was so kind to let me host my first Pinterest party of 2020 in Utah at her house in West Jordan. Sadly I didn't bring my Pinterest party banner but we still had a good turn out cool crafts and lots of yummy foods. Keep reading to see what we ate and made!

 What we ate...

Chocolate truffles. Recipe link here 


We had a nice selection of veggies - celery, carrots and cucumbers with dip

A dip for tortilla chips (not pictured here) that is a can of beanless chili (who knew there was such a thing!) and cream cheese. Wow. Addicting, so addicting. I think I have a new favorite chip dip!

And...tear...I brought my last box of Swig cookie mix and my sister made the cookies for the party.
Aww. It was from a box mix that doesn't seem available anymore but here's a link to a copycat recipe.

I didn't get a good picture of the drinks but we had lemon water and a raspberry lemonade.  

The crafts we made...


The look of preparation. My sister has a nice long kitchen table - perfect to line all the crafts up on including a few bowls of treats.

These cups of colorful 'sand' turned in to...

Sand art bottles! I acquired a bunch of Epsom salts after a blogger conference one year and read online that they would mix well with food coloring. Wah-lah - it indeed worked! I made a few colors pre-party and everyone filled their little glass containers with layers of sand. I thought they turned out pretty cute! I guess I might put together a separate blog post about this craft even though it's fairly straightforward and simple to do.


We turned this pile of embroidery floss, wood discs, tassels and ribbon in to this:

Mostly hearts but also a butterfly. My sister didn't make one and I myself did not like the way I did mine so it didn't make it in to the photoshoot.

Alcohol inks. Fun to practice and try some new techniques. For a room full of people who had never gotten to play with these type of inks before, I thought everyone did a pretty fantastic job decorating their tiles or smaller shaped pieces.

My friend who did this one had to take off before I did the photoshoot with the other tiles but I love how she was able to get her inks to make a flower. Wowow, so neat!

Anywho, that's the recap of the first Pinterest Party in Utah for the year and I look forward to doing a few more when I come back for visits.


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Another great party! Love how the little disks turned out

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