Fall & Halloween Pinterest Party ~ Utah!


Time for another Pinterest party! And this time I hosted one at my sister's house in West Jordan, Utah. I kept the same theme as I had for the recent party in Idaho because there are just too many good fall and Halloween crafts and foods to choose from. Keep reading to see what we ate and what we made. 



This was the setup before everyone came. I got color changing cups and glow in the dark cups for everyone to choose from.

The drink was this Halloween punch (not pictured).


Hot Dog Fingers, inspiration here
Bloody Band-aids, inspiration here
Cinnamon roll intestines, inspiration here

Purple waffle mix from Joanns and a bunch of syrup flavors that Tony made. I also had whipped cream and sprinkles but sadly didn't get a picture of anyone who put that combination together, including myself.

Flat pretzels and dip! A great savory addition to the party.

Apple crisp! Inspiration here.

Mummy strudels (minus the eyes but they were still so yummy!)

I saw this food and just could not resist. I bought everything I needed at Winco. Breadstick dough, a red bell pepper for the tongues and mini chocolate chips for the eyes. My sister Laura put them all together and added the marinara sauce.

Next, the crafts!

We made these fun ghosts in a jar from a bit of cheesecloth and starch in these dome containers from Dollar Tree that I finally tracked down in Temecula one time when I was out that way. They worked out perfectly to complete the look with a bit of washi tape around the base.

Discovered these cute fall hats, originally yarn over an orange traffic cone but when I was unable to find the cones in an appropriate size, I opted for party hats and paper plates. Yes! That's what these hats were made of. Will be posting a tutorial to the blog to pin on Pinterest at some point.


 This was a fun 3D layered paper project that I found and will be pinning on Pinterest.
I was able to use my Cricut Joy to cut and cut and cut...so many layers to make this project! It really was quite fun to put together and stores well for use in future Halloween decor. If anyone would like to know where I got this file, let me know and I will try to track it down for you.


That's it! Stay tuned for a post about the November Pinterest party in a new state that I've never hosted one in until now.


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