Fall & Halloween Pinterest Party ~ Idaho!


Compliments to Tony's niece for putting the letter board together for me

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I was very excited to be able to host another Pinterest party in Idaho - my second one this year! Tony's niece, JD, was so excited to let me come set up the party at her place. She was a great host! Keep reading to see what we made and what we ate!

Oh, and here is the Pinterest board we worked from for ideas and inspiration.

First, the Food!

Randi brought these super delicious deviled eggs that were spooky and perfect to eat. They definitely balanced out all the sweet treats. Inspiration here. But this is not the exact recipe she used because hers involved pickle juice I believe. Using that def. added a great flavor!

She also brought these way cool dipped chocolate strawberries! Oh my! From faces to blood splatters...these were decorated so super fun and got really creative. Love the look of all of them!

Peep this face...hehe

Speaking of faces...how bout these apples? The pictures I took of this fun snack make me giggle inside every time. Maybe its the strawberry tongues? The teeth? Inspiration here.

JD and I had the same idea to make this for the Pinterest party.

Black lemonade.

Omgoodess, this was such a cool drink and very simple to make. Inspiration here

I think it's so cool that she added the dry ice - made for a really fun effect!

 A little pat on the back for myself because I made these. Not Tony! He was really involved in a re-roofing project his parents are doing and he had no time to stop and make this so I took the challenge. It was a bummer not to find the pumpkin spice baking chips (I only checked at Walmart) so basically these are like the regular "Magic Bars". Inspiration here.

I prepped this gluten free bread and pita bread for the party by using small cookie cutters to make the Halloween shapes. I think they turned out pretty nice! I got a container of hummus from Winco on sale - the pine nut flavor is one of my favorites!

We simply added green food coloring (gel ended up working!) to the Milo's lemonade I brought to get a different look than the other color of lemonade. Worked out nicely!

The Crafts!

I got to prep this craft ahead of time to make sure it would work out. And it did. It sure did as you can see in the photo below. Woohoo! Thanks to Trishna for providing the book pages for us and I was able to bring everything else minus extra glue guns this time and huge thanks again to Trishna and JD for providing the others we used as well as lots of glue sticks.

The setting with the lamp was too perfect!

Picked up some fun paper from The Wood Connection and wood squares from Home Depot to make some fun decor for a mantle shelf, tiered tray or even could be used as coasters. We used ModPodge to attach the scrapbook papers to the wood.

Ahh look how cute theses turned out! I love love them! JD brought down a brown ink pad and we distressed the edges of some of the papers a bit and that look ended up working super well.

If this craft looks familiar, you'd be correct in thinking that. I liked this craft so much last year in Ridgecrest, that when I saw these orange foam pumpkins were back at Dollar Tree, I wanted to have it be included in this month's party in Idaho.

They were the last craft of the night and definitely took a fair amount of time to do but don't you love the look!? I think it was a great idea that one of the girls had to wrap twine around the stem. It fits in so much better to be brown instead of the bright green.  I was able to find the Velvet Plus yarn (barely!) at Joann's. Hobby Lobby and Craft Warehouse did not carry the type I like to use to do this look.

So there you have it! Another successful Pinterest party done and my 2nd one in Idaho this year! Which craft and or food was your favorite? Leave me a comment to let me know!


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