August Pinterest Party ~ Idaho

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I took the month of July off from doing any Pinterest parties since I was traveling so much. We were in Utah until almost the middle of July, home for a week, and then we left to go to Northern CA so I could attend girl's camp and volunteer on rappelling staff - hooray!  I did do a Pinterest party in August up in Idaho, so keep reading for a recap of that.

Here's the Pinterest board I put together for ideas and inspiration...

What we ate!

The spread! So much good food was eaten at this Pinterest party. Big thanks to my brother & his wife for letting me host the party in their backyard. 

Mozzarella and tomatoes inspired by this pin

Christmas Tree Spinach Dip Breadsticks


Sugar cookies made by my mother-in-law.
I love how they turned out and they tasted so soft and delicious. 

Christmas Shaped Watermelon

Cheese, Meat, and cracker plate. It's always nice to have some savory to balance out the sweetness. 

Almost got to get pictures of this drink! So delicious!

Now on to what we made!

Everyone's busy crafting hands

I got these wooden candy canes from The Wood Connection in Utah. I drew a candy cane and they cut out a bunch for me!  I've been wanting to do this craft for quite a while so it was exciting to see it come together. I got little gems from Hobby Lobby and used Beacon's GemTac glue to secure them to the wood. I love this stuff! We used wax pencils to pick up each gem and we used paints from Plaid Crafts.

I think they turned out really beautiful!

Next up, this craft was one I originally saw on Instagram and not as a Christmas craft but with acrylic letters that were decorated with glitter and little clay slices. I modified the craft for this Pinterest party and should probably put up a tutorial or video to be pinned, maybe I will do that at some point. 

Everyone got very creative with the paints and glitters and ModPodge

These acrylic pieces came from a store in the Sacramento area called ReCreate. If you are ever up that way, you should definitely check it out. I should make a post about this store too's so unique!  

That about wraps it up! I am trying to transition into doing 2 crafts at the Pinterest parties instead of 3. To be honest, I did have 3 crafts with me but most everyone just did 2. I just got really excited about making so many things that it was hard to whittle it down! I may feature the 3rd craft in its own post in the future, we'll see. 


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