Pinners Conference - Pomona, CA!


For the last couple of years I've been able to attend Pinners conference in Arizona. I started out by attending in Utah years ago when this conference first became a thing. I've been to the one in California once a few years ago but this year to come back again! Check out what I got to do and see over Friday & Saturday.

Lots of tables were set up for eating, crafting, networking, etc. 

When I first walked in, I saw the Home Depot and Ryobi booths. I'm a fan of both brands for the most part. Home Depot had some make and takes as well as a shelf to take to put together later if you had signed up early, which I hadn't seen anything about that so I missed out but my friend got her shelf so that was cool. 

I thought the storage caddy above on wheels was great, 
easy for taking crafts with you on the go!

This craft was squeezing out colored gluesticks from Ryobi glue guns. I got one of their glue guns for my birthday in July, finally!  I have used it a few times and look forward to using it more in the future. I am also a "fan" of the small fan that clips to the table. Great power, nice and cool.  

Using the Ryobi etching tool to draw on this glass bottle.
Kinda fun!

The Dalix booth was one of my favorites. The guys working it were super nice and knowledgeable and I feel like their prices were reasonable. I have a logo for Nite Owl Creates - FINALLY! - and am thinking about putting it on some hats. The quality of materials they use looks and feels great. I am excited to move forward with this company and give them a try.

Surprised to see someone actually showed up with their freezer dryer! They were demonstrating and selling, candy.

I love love being able to see my friend Adrianna and her daughter Charlene is usually with her. They have the coolest booth of wood cut-out blanks for crafting with. They also had a fun make-and-take station setup.

Painted examples of blank kits you could buy. So many neat options!

Shop Craft Kits 2 Go online!

Of course, I found a hot air balloon!

And always we get a selfie together :) Adrianna is such a good sport. 
I just have to document every time we are able to hang out!

Her booth's make and take. Look how fun!

A cool booth that had the neatest looking soaps!

Chalk Couture always has fun stencils and last year I did buy some and gosh, I bought some this year too. Have I used them? Not yet. I have the best of intentions. I hope to use the ones I got this year (fall themed) for a Pinterest party, possibly. 


A fun $5 make and take that I did. I really like how these turned out and they are so lightweight.

I fell in love with Tila bead bracelets. I did not take their class. They also had a make and take table outside of their class but I didn't do that either. I think it was $15 or $16 for a bracelet.  Company was Mack and Rex.

On to the classes!

I took a class about how to make churros by a Utah company, San Diablo Churros

I took a class and did a make-and-take from this company called MakerFlo Crafts. How have I never heard of them before?! I was quite shocked and ashamed of myself. They sell blanks for all types of crafts.

This MakerFlo Crafts company was new to me but it was fun to meet them, check out their products and make a sublimated pen for a friend. 

I took a macaron-making class which was very informative and I feel like I could manage to attempt this treat.

I went with my friend to her chalk lettering class and was so impressed! It was fun to watch and learn with her.

The teacher was good and tried to go slowly so everyone could follow along and get the hang of it.

This class was called Customizable Letter Ledges. These were fun to paint and also came with a set of alphabet letters and 3 ledges. I am going to spray paint the letters instead of painting them, I think.

One of the classes I took was how to paint acrylic trees with some string. Crazy but it worked! I am not sure I love it but now I know how to do it and can practice.

Some other classes that I took that I didn't really take pictures of were ~

Find, Book, and Plan Insta-worthy Vacations FOR A LOT LESS
I gained a few good tips from attending this.

What is Sublimation?

I took this with MakerFlo Crafts and I got a bit sleepy towards the end but since I am not good at sublimation really, it was nice to sit and learn from this company

Minimizing the Distraction While Maintaining Motivation

Honestly, I didn't like this class at all. There was a handout to purchase for $5, but I didn't do that. My friend did though. In the end, the instructor was basically pitching to sell an expensive workbook to us. I know everyone has to make their money but it was a big turnoff. 

Rustic Air Plant Garden

This is the one my friend made ^^

I skipped this class to shop the booths instead. This might of been when I went to the chalk art class but I don't remember now. I didn't feel like paying extra for materials for another class. 

Paper Quilling Heart Shadow Box

This class cost $25 and I was just going to go sit and watch but I can sit and watch on YouTube how to do it so I decided to skip this class as well.

Take Back Your Closet

The other class I was unhappy with. I didn't read the description so honestly, it may have been my fault but it was a company with ladies wanting others to jump on board and join them in selling shorts/pants/capris, etc. Their sizing theory does seem interesting but I tend not to like most items of clothes for years let alone months and this clothing is expensive in my book. So..kinda a waste to be in the class but also a bit interesting to learn more about. Now I know.

I ended my time at Pinners with a San Diablo churro. Super yum!

Overall, I'm so glad I got to attend again and look forward to next year's conference. 


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