Kids Craft Week - Ridgecrest, CA


This is an event space my friend Sarah runs in Ridgecrest, CA. She does a lot of cool things here! Baby showers, receptions, bridal showers, birthday parties, craft events, and more.  Since the last week of March was Spring Break, she hosted a craft day each day for kids - and adults if they wanted to - in town to come in and craft. I signed up to teach a craft on Wednesday - the sew/no sew day.

It took me some time to decide which craft I was going to bring for the kids to do. I tried a few crafts and they just were not working out. I brainstormed with friends on what would be a good craft to teach, I really wanted to do a felt craft.

My friend Nessa suggested to me this craft - DIY Kids Wallet Sewing Pattern 
and luckily it turned out lovely for the kids who came to make it. 

See below how they got creative with the look of their wallets.

Lots of fun ways to decorate the outside!

One young girl created a felt cat and added some fun gems.

This is definitely a craft worth doing. So if you decide to do with your friends or kidlets, I'd say this would be a win for any age as young as 5.

Thanks to Kunin Felt for the awesome felt colors.


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