Halloween Pinterest Party California

One year down living here in the high desert of California. Wow! Around this same time last year I hosted my first Pinterest party with a few neighbors and a friend I had made on Instagram. Things have come a long way since then!

I have definitely had ups and downs trying to host Pinterest parties here in CA and teach people how they work. This Halloween Pinterest party turned out better than I expected and had the best turnout as well! It wasn't perfect...people didn't bring crafts or treats or their particular food didnt turn out but there was plenty to go around irregardless. Here's what we made and ate!

Tony had it in his head after looking on Pinterest that he wanted to make a meatloaf hand. Haha! I am all about cute and fun Halloween stuff and the hand was a bit over the top but he was really excited about it so I decided not to shut him down and let him go ahead and make the hand to contribute to the party.

See it cooking...

Here it is all done! Pretty gnarly looking but it tasted really good!

We (he) also made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Super easy with a cake mix, can of pumpkin and chocolate chips.

Another fun idea we found was floating head apple cider. I dont know, this one didnt feel as creepy to me as the hand. Shrug. Thanks to my neighbor who let me borrow her extra crock pot since we used ours to make a really good soup! We just bought apple cider in a container and bought apples which Tony cut faces in and put in the dehydrator overnight. The next day he poured all the cider in to the crockpot and let it warm up. We put the heads in right when the party started.

A girl named Sarah came and it was her first time coming to a Pinterest party. She brought cheesy buffalo dip with chips. It had a bit of a zing to it but was really tasty!

This is the soup Tony made. It was thick with ingredients...chicken, bacon, celery, corn, carrots, potatoes and onions. Oh. My. Gosh. It was soo good and we gave leftovers to my friend down the street since we were going out of town. I almost didnt want to give her any because it was so super good. I hope she liked it!  I ate it for breakfast and lunch the day we left. I hope we make it again!

Maggi made homemade mac and cheese with a slice of cucumber for a stem to make these cute jack-o-lantern cups. How cute are they?! Plus they were so tasty. 

Maggi also brought these secondhand swabs. Lol! 
So very clever.

Now, on to the crafts!

Darice was incredibly kind to send me a bunch of plain wooden fences. I had seen this idea at a mixed media conference in Salt Lake in July and knew right then I had to make these at a Pinterest party.

Everyone seemed to have a really good time putting them together as I had gathered and found many embellishments to decorate the fences.

Each one turned out so unique! My friend Wendy came over and we made the 2 you see at the top of the picture as examples. Darice sent 2 sizes but I knew the smaller ones would be better for the party because people would actually be able to finish them.

Everyone took their time carefully painting their fence along with any wood embellishments, checking out all the buttons and attaching ribbon, washi tape, mini bales of hay and webbing (that cauldron pot!) They turned out so awesome and I am thrilled that they worked out perfect for the party.


Not only did Maggi bring 2 treats she brought a craft too. Wowow! She found these click lights at the dollar store and we drew eyes on them with Sharpies. I wish I had taken a picture of the ones people made but all I got was a photo of mine. They were all unique and turned out really cool!

This was the last craft and I dont have a completely finished picture but will be adding a couple when I do. Sarah did send me one of hers that I will add to the blog when I download her picture. But! I drilled holes in these wood slices and cut black vinyl that says B-O-O to make a cute Halloween banner. Some people took theirs to go since it was getting closer to 9pm and they had to get going.
Next up will be a Christmas themed Pinterest party towards the end of November/ beginning of December. So excited to plan the next one!


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This was my first Pinterest Party. I had a wonderful time. Thank you so much! I look forward to the next one!

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