April Pinterest Party ~ Utah

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Welcome to the March Pinterest party! It took place in West Jordan, Utah this time around since that is where it worked out best. Keep reading to see what we made and what we ate!

It's hard to travel and bring the fun decorations but I managed to get a few things together. The cute stand that the eggs (Dollar Spot at Target) are hanging on is from Ikea. The colorful containers are from local craft stores.

Managed to find a spot to hang the banner. I really need to remember to bring tacks with me for next time. The table is a great area for everyone to gather around and work on crafts. 

Huge thanks once again to my sister for letting me host this at her house. I know its a bit inconvenient with finding things to keep the kids occupied and getting everything tidied up.

I spent about an hour before the party getting everything set up. 

A wood craft from The Wood Connection and paint & brushes from Plaid crafts.

Embroidery floss and scissors for a wood nail art craft that Melissa brought.

Glass stones from Michaels and the Dollar Tree and Elmers Glue from Walmart. 

My sister blended up this yummy drink before the party started, recipe here

Once people started arriving, we got busy pretty quick getting started on the crafts because we only have a couple hours (and usually go over time, oops).

First craft and sadly I did not take any in-progress pictures. But basically what you do is take a lid (huge thanks to Diana for bringing a bunch of lids for us to use!), pour some clear glue in and start laying down these colorful stones. We did prep our designs beforehand and some took a picture to know how to rebuild their design in the lid, others, their design just got shifted around a little (like mine). Pour more clear glue on top when you are done and it will take a few days to dry. At least we got them started drying first thing so that when people transported them home they were not as messy (fingers crossed). 

Melissa brought this super cool string art (inspiration here) craft for us to make. The cactus one is an example of one she did / is working on. I love love it!!! The flowers below are what we all made. I'll have instructions in a separate post on the steps of what we did.

Diana brought this cool craft with scrapbook paper to make a cone that you could put flowers or treats in. Sadly we didn't have time to put it together due to the time the other crafts took to make but I was able to capture some pictures and get some paper to make my own at home.

I stopped by The Wood Connection to pick up some fun spring pieces to paint with Plaid Crafts paint. I love how clever everyone got with their designs, so much detail. Super fun and a craft we will do again in the future at some point, I'm sure.

Food Break!

Look how colorful and fun this all is!

Cute little bird nest treats
Fruit to balance out all the sugar

Look how fun this all is! I love all the variety.

 That's a wrap! We had a really fun time talking, laughing, hanging out and getting to know each other while we ate yummy food from Pinterest and made some fun crafts. Thanks for checking it out and watch for dates for a May party in California being posted soon in the Facebook group.


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